Textiles are my passion. The textures, the colours and the feel of cloth in my hand constantly excite and inspire me. For as long as I can remember I have loved to create and fabrics, yarns and thread have always been my materials of choice.

Central to my work are themes of revelation and concealment and in particular I am interested in people and their stories, finding fascination in clothing, costume and accessories, especially with what we communicate and reveal by what we wear. I often find inspiration from the written word.


Although I work with numerous techniques it is machine embroidery that I enjoy the most. I love being able to work with the machine building colour and texture in a spntaneous way. The rhythm and the repetition of using the machine is part of its appeal. I will often incorporate materials such as paper, metal and wire as well as fabric, using machine embroidery to bring the elements together. My work includes an eclectic mix of both two and three dimensional items.

In addition to producing and exhibiting my own work own work I teach machine embroidery at workshops around the country. I have also run community and school workshops in a variety of textile techniques including printing and fabric painting. I am available for commissions, exhibitions, workshops and residencies

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Contact: textiles@ginaferrari.co.uk

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